Our Philosophy

Our core belief is that we engage in a partnership with each client.  We strive to become a key part of your organization and to be there through your successes and difficulties.  We are in the business of building your organization and providing the tools for maximum efficiency and successful health outcomes. 

Our customer’s best interests drive our support and the development of our product.  This is exemplified by our planned methodology for new features and enhancements and is based on prior experience with supporting large and diverse software client bases.  Biannually we will allocate a block of hours to be allocated to client requests.  We will solicit a list of needs and wishes from all clients.  They will be compiled, with estimated development times, and rated by the clients.  We will complete them in order of priority of the ratings.  

Prior to release of an update the new features will be available for one month on a test database for clients to review the system updates.  When the release is moved into production each new feature will be available to be “turned on” if it is desired by a specific client.

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