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Organize & Track Activities and Tasks Throughout the Care Management Process

AveCare's Queue function serves as a central point for the management of a patient throughout the care management continuum.  From the Queue, a single click enables the user to move seamlessly from a Utilization Review activity to a Case Management or Disease Management function and back while recording each action.  The centralized design allows users to access all AveCare functionality for an individual patient from a single location on their desktop. 

  • Color Coding:  Easily recognize overdue, urgent, current and future tasks.
  • Filters & Sorting:  Locate by client, business/population segment, date range, state, PCP, or specific patient. Sort by each data column.
  • Priorities:  View system or user defined priorities for each task.
  • Activity Events:  Displays all open patient activities when a user highlights a patient in the Queue
  • Multi-Task Options:  Highlight multiple tasks to apply a common function (complete, forward, change follow-up date/task, etc.).   
  • Sub-tasks:  Create sub-tasks or forward sub-tasks to other users.
  • Integration:  A single user queue can contain tasks related to case management, disease management and utilization review.

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