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Collaborative Health Care Management Platform for High-Risk Patients

AveCare’s Patient-Centric Care Management Platform offers unsurpassed functionality and integration of information to manage the most complex healthcare issues.  From Identification through Assessment, Stratification and Care Plan Development, the care team has access to complete clinical and general health information to effectively and efficiently deliver consistent results driven care management.
  • Candidate Identification:  Interdiction using automated notification to case managers from UM, based on client defined diagnostic, procedure codes. Drug and medical claims analytics locate potential high risk members.
  • Health Risk Assessments (HRA):  Multiple Health Risk Assessments, both general and disease specific formats.
  • Clinical Features: Built in clinical programs including health assessments, disease specific assessments, data driven care plans, risk scoring summary, self care guidelines, medical knowledge surveys and disease education. 
  • Care Plans:  Based on the assessment, system generated care plan options assure consistent and effective results.  Automated tasks and follow-up schedules to monitor, evaluate and modify the plan to ensure each patient maximizes their potential.
  • Monitoring:  System monitoring provides automated alerts to all care team members of critical events, deadlines and required actions.
  • CareView:  Immediate access to all activities and interdictions with a patient, combined with access to an expansive view of a patient's Charts, Claims, Documents, Providers, and Appointments.
  • Documentation & Correspondence:  Facilitate communication and coordination between patients and care team members with AveCare’s integrated contacts, notes, letters and documents programs. 
  • Report Generation:  Report generation for both internal (operational) and external (client) monitoring to ensure all candidates are evaluated and participants are managed on a timely basis.
  • Activity Tracking:  Every action taken by the care team is noted and available for view or detailed performance evaluation reporting.
  • Navigation:  A single click to access every tool and feature necessary to provide immediate and efficient workflow action.

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