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Online health assessment, disease-specific assessments and template driven care plans to facilitate consistency in the identification and management of health issues. These automated assessments provide a more efficient way for capturing of critical health information by capturing data with consistency from patient to patient.  The assessment tools are easy to use and allow the reviewer to stop during an assessment, save the information and go back to it at a later time.

  • Health Assessments:  AveCare's Health Assessment tools aid the clinical reviewer in collecting information regarding the patient’s clinical and functional status.  The reviewer can determine the patient’s healthcare needs and develop a Care Plan online based on the information collected from the Health Assessment tool.  The data entered on the Health Assessment auto populates both the Disease Specific Assessment and the Care Plan to prevent redundant data entry.
  • Disease Specific Assessments: AveCare’s Disease Specific Assessments assist a reviewer in the collection of information regarding the patient’s specific disease(s).  This easy to use tool is automatically populated with relevant information from the Health Assessment and asks additional questions specific to the particular disease including: current symptoms, current efforts to manage the disease etc. 
  • Care Planning:  AveCare’s integrated care plan tool automatically populates based on assessment results and offers the flexibility to use pre-defined templates, create your own templates or use free text.  Incorporating data from internal and external data sources, the tool reduces redundant data entry while expediting the care planning process.  Maintenance screens allow for modification of information noted during the assessments. Once completed, view, print or upload care plans to a secure web portal for distribution to the patient and/or provider.
  • Educational Sessions:  AveCare provides educational sessions that can be tailored to each patient for the following conditions: asthma, diabetes, COPD, CHF, CAD, maternity and hypertension.
  • Adherence Guidelines:  AveCare incorporates CMSA’s Case Management Adherence Guidelines to provide users with patient assessments and adherence improvement tools to promote patient medication adherence and health behavioral change. 

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