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Facilitate Communication and Coordination Between Care Team Members

AveCare promotes and facilitates communication, interventions and coordination of care between patients, case managers, clients and support personnel to maximize quality and optimize outcomes. 

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    Contacts Summary Screen


    AveCare's user friendly contact screen  provides quick access to contact information, records all patient-specific contacts made with or on behalf of a patient and provides organizations with an efficient tool for managing care management activities.  Extensive contact tracking provides a significant source of information for both monitoring and reporting purposes.                                                 


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    Letters Summary Screen


    AveCare’s integrated letters feature enables users to easily create, store and retrieve variable content letters based on industry standards. This feature is embedded throughout the system with automated triggers and reminders to help organizations meet compliance goals. A historical view of all letters sent to a patient displays on the letters screen along with the ability to duplicate, reprint, export, delete or create new letters.   

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    Notes Summary Screen


    AveCare centralizes all free form notes (including case notes) for a particular patient from each of the AveCare care management applications.  Store notes by category type, date written and the user who entered the note.  Flexibility within AveCare's notes application allows you to customize note category types to comply with your operational needs.  Spell check with medical and pharmaceutical terms is available in all note fields.

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    Documents Summary Screen


    Easily manage documents such as scanned images, emails and faxes by importing them into the system and attaching the document(s) to a specific member/event to provide a paperless working environment.


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