AveCare 2014 - Care Transition Update

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AveCare 2014 - Care Transition Update

AveCare has improved its robust and reliable platform in 2014 with an update to the Care Transition Module.

St. Petersburg, Florida (November 1, 2014) – Avedon Health Systems, a provider of Integrated Medical Management Software applications announced today that it has released an  upgrade to their Care Transition platform.  Avedon Health System’s Care Management Software provides an integrated platform for collaborative Care Management enabling organizations to optimize clinical and financial resources while improving health outcomes. 

The new AveCare Care Transition functionality includes:  

  • Integration with UM:  Integration with Utilization Management to automatically create a Care Transition Event.
  • Automated Notification: System generated notification to case manager.
  • Discharge Plan Tracking:  Detailed tracking through the Discharge Plan process
  • Tracking Appointments:  Track follow up appointments and visits.
  • Reporting: Reporting to evaluate and monitor performance.

For more information regarding Avedon Health Systems or AveCare, please email marketing@avedonsystems.com


Avedon Health Systems (www.avedonsystems.com) enables collaborative care through integrated, patient-centric medical management software solutions for Case Management, Utilization Management and Disease Management/Education.  With its seamless integration of care management functions and streamlined workload management capability, Avedon’s AveCare Care Management Software enables Health Plans, Third-Party Administrators (TPA), Independent Review Organizations and Healthcare Delivery Organizations with patient-centric medical management solutions to optimize clinical and financial resources while improving patient outcomes.  



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