Automated Review Alerts

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Automated Identification and Notification During the Review Process

AveCare’s Integrated Platform allows communication and notification between the Utilization Review process and the Case Management and Disease Management functions assuring all members of the care team are continuously advised of changes and events relative to each patient.  

  • Care Team Notification:  Immediately notifies each member of the care team that a review is in process. 
  • Case Management Triage:  Each case is analyzed for potential Case Management/ Disease Management and where appropriate assigned for triage.  
  • Compliance Alerts:  AveCare monitors the timeliness of all activity and notifies users and supervisors of approaching and immediate need for action.  
  • Urgent Cases:  Notice of special handling for urgent cases.
  • Lack of Information:  Automated tools for tracking and handling of requested clinical information.

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