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Maximum Efficiency Achieved by Tools and Automation

AveCare provides access to all information necessary to complete the intake and decision process without leaving the work window.

  • Automated: Assignment to appropriate nurses, including discipline specific parameters. Auto deny or auto approve feature. Auto create Lack of Information (LOI) letter after specified number of days.
  • Restrictions: Review and Notification of physician restrictions.
  • Flag: Specific diagnosis and/or procedures for special handling. Create notification for specific business segment requirements.
  • Notification: Weekend admissions, overlapping days of stay, readmissions, duplicate procedure requests, notification only states.
  • User Defined: User defined drop downs and required fields. Allows partially completed reviews to be saved and tracked for compliance.
  • View History: History of all previous review diagnosis and procedures without leaving the intake and decision process.
  • Resources: Online plan documentation, link to criteria sources.



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